How do I send my watch to you once I accept your offer?

When you accept our offer, we’ll email you fully-insured, pre-paid, 2-day UPS shipping labels, along with instructions on how to pack your watch to send to us.

It is important that you pack your watch a certain way to be fully covered under insurance. This will require using two cardboard boxes.

  • Grab two new, sturdy boxes, one smaller that will fit inside the larger. You must double box your watch and use new boxes. This is a requirement to insure your watch.
  • Pack your watch and any boxes or accessories it came with into the smaller box and seal the box. This CANNOT be the original box the watch came in.
  • Tape the “INNER BOX LABEL ONLY” label to the outside of the smaller box now containing your watch, watch box and accessories. Do this before you take the box to the UPS Store.
  • Pack the sealed smaller box into the larger box with bubble wrap and seal the larger box.
  • Tape the pre-addressed label to the larger, outermost box. Do not put anything on the box that would indicate that there is a watch or high value item inside.
  • Use clear packing tape to tape the box shut.

Schedule a UPS pick-up or drop your package off at an authorized UPS Store or Customer Center. If you schedule a pick up, make sure the UPS driver leaves you a signed copy of the UPS Control Log you printed. If you drop off your package at a UPS location, please do not bring the Control Log to the UPS Store. You do not need to have someone sign the UPS Control Log if you drop off the package at a UPS location. Do not drop your package off at a drop box as insurance does not cover unstaffed drop-off facilities.